Vitally important proteins circulating in the blood and influencing the balance of our immune system.


Blood protein that maintains growth and helps restore tissues. Blood contains two major categories of proteins: albumins and globulins.


Coagulation factor

Components of blood plasma involved in the blood clotting process. Coagulation factors can be obtained from human blood plasma from donors.

Coagulation factor VIII is a protein present in the blood plasma, and contains several distinct subunits synthesized in the liver, spleen, kidney, lymphoid tissue. Concentrated coagulation factor VIII preparations derived from blood plasma are recommended for the treatment and prevention of bleeding in patients with haemophilia A. Coagulation factors can be obtained from human blood plasma from donors. The plasma collection and the production of coagulation factor preparations are subject to strict national and international regulations.


Serums and vaccines

Vaccines indicated in the active prevention of tetanus and tuberculosis;
Koch’s bacillus testing serums.

The tetanus vaccine is a biological product containing anatoxin - the neurotoxin produced by Clostridium tetani, responsible for the clinical manifestations of tetanus. Anatoxins are microbial toxins attenuated by physical or chemical methods, used in the production of vaccines. They are devoid of toxicity but retain their antigenic properties, and they are able to induce immunity to the toxin from which they were derived.

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